Reviver Clothing Swipes are revolutionary odor eliminating dry swipes that allow you to instantly and discreetly swipe away unwanted aromas that cling to clothes and hair.

Like breath mints for clothing – Reviver offers the FIRST EVER, ON THE GO FRESHENING SOLUTION allowing you to refresh your clothes any time and anywhere regardless of what your day brings!

reviver clean scent

Reviver Clothing Swipes help you swipe away the everyday. Infused with patent-pending RefreshTek technology Reviver leaves your clothes smelling crisp and fresh while eliminating unwanted odors.

Slip a swipe into your pocket or purse and use anytime you need a fresh boost of confidence!

the smoke swipe

Don’t light up without it!


Introducing The Smoke Swipe, the #1 solution for smoke odor elimination!

25% stronger than Reviver Swipes! There is nothing more embarrassing than walking into that important business meeting, lunch with family, or hot date while reeking of smoke. Our patent-pending formulation allows you to instantly rid your clothes and hair of smoky smells from cigars, cigarettes and cannabis. Now you can eliminate odors anytime, anywhere, in a few quick and easy swipes!

Slip a swipe into your pocket or purse and use anytime you need a fresh boost. Don’t light up without it!


How to revive with REVIVER

REVIVER is an innovative and technologically advanced freshening treatment that works when you slip the compact sleeve over your fingers and rub it against your hair or whatever you’re wearing to release its odor-eliminating ingredients. Each REVIVER swipe can be reused up to 10 times, which means you never have to stop to change clothes, douse yourself with perfume or cologne, or feel anything less than fresh.

I’m happy to say that REVIVER has a feel-good, stand-closer-to-me scent that lets busy people like you and me stay fresh all day, no matter where you’ve been or where you’re going. This really is the easiest wardrobe change ever!